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Donna in Islip Musicals Mamma Mia!

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Donna Sheridan's first entrance.

Playing Donna in Mamma Mia has been such an amazing opportunity and challenge for Tyler to take on! Portraying a single mother going through the emotions of being "the mother of the bride", then suddenly being surprised the week of the wedding by three men from her past was a big undertaking. Tyler is grateful for the mentorship of Director Dr. Harris for coaching her through this mature and exciting role. She had a great time building the nuances to play Donna Sheridan throughout their rehearsal process. Tyler was very excited to see herself and classmates on the front page of the paper…

Tyler as Donna Sheridan, center of table.

Long Island Media Group: South Bay’s Neighborhood covers Mamma Mia!

Donna the Dynamo and her Daughter Sophie, costumes by Ronnie Green.

This show has had a huge impact on Tyler in many ways, but especially on her confidence in portraying all kinds of challenging roles. Getting to rehearse ABBA’s music these past couple of months has been such a blast and Mamma Mia's pit seriously took the production to the next level! It has been a privilege to perform in Islip’s Musicals with such talented musicians.

VIDEO "The Winner Takes It All": Instagram account @broadway4forever

also shared a clip Tyler performing this song here

Production Photos

Photography by Emmie Jensen @emmiejensen

@tylercirulnick Instagram Production photos/promotion.

@tylercirulnick "Slipping Through My Fingers" Video.

@tylercirulnick Instagram closing post, show reflection. Video footage and photos included.

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