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  • Tyler Marie Cirulnick

Avenue Q at Studio Theatre of Long Island

Tyler was filled with gratitude to appear in Avenue Q at Studio Theatre of Long Island as Girl Bad Idea Bear, and Mrs. Thistletwat.

Promotional video of Tyler as Bad Idea Bear, and Cast. Video credit: Sean Fitzgerald

This project was absolutely thrilling for Tyler to dive into, most especially learning numerous Puppetry skills including: Free Hand, Live Hand, Second Live Hand, Rod, and Trigger Puppetry. Tyler's Track fulfilled by Jennifer Barnhart in the OBC of Avenue Q was unique in the sense that when she was not portraying her own designated roles (Mrs. Thistletwat, Bad Idea Bear) she would act as Second Live Arm for characters including Nicky, and Trekkie Monster. Additionally in the "Jenn Track" as some productions refer to it, Tyler also synced up her puppetry to other actors portraying and delivering lines for their two roles acting within in the same scenes Ex. Kate Monster/Lucy The Slut, and Princeton/Rod. As a first time puppeteer, this challenge was both enriching and fulfilling, and taught Tyler

skills she hopes to revisit throughout her career as an actress.

Video interview of Tyler Marie Cirulnick on Avenue Q.

Promotional video of Tyler as Mrs. Thistletwat, and cast.

Production, and backstage photos.

including note from @stagedoorboxes


Production photography

Director: Daniel Schinina

Music Director: Felipe A. Rondón


closing recap Instagram post.

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