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How it all started...


​From a very young age, Tyler found an immediate connection with performing, and the joy it could bring, not only to herself but others. Early experiences being absolutely mesmerized, and momentarily transported within all kinds of beautiful stories really inspired Tyler. At just four years old she felt an sense of comfort within herself on the stage, and as time progressed she learned just how meaningful performing could be. Performing has been an outlet for her to express, not only joy, and moments of laughter with others, but deeper messages of what it means to be human. Tyler feels extremely fortunate to have grown up in such an active artistic community on Long Island, and to be training in New York City at AMDA College's Integrated Program for Musical Theatre. 


But, there's more.

When asked during her Rozeplay Talent Interview what made her want to get involved/start a career in  theatre, here's what she said; "The fearlessness of it…the theatre was a place I felt a sense of belonging I never quite felt elsewhere at the time. It clicked and I haven’t stopped since and don’t plan to either. I admit I am not always the most fearless individual, but I love that about theatre—it pushes me to grow constantly. It’s very much a “ready or not here I come” lifestyle. The learning never stops and you either run from it, or run into it. All the good stuff happens when you run into it.”


"Take the attitude of a
student, never be too big
to ask questions, never
know too much to learn
something new."

― Og Mandino

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